one of my biggest regrets is deleting my original one direction blog i miss my little friENDS WHERE ARE YOU COME BACK oh and of course the one time i come on elise isnt on and is on a frickin hiatus until 2015 bye 

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i think this gif sums one direction up pretty well.

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When I think about going out, I’m not bothered if it’s me, by myself, like I won’t really think about it, but if I’m gonna take my mom or like my sisters or whatever I don’t really like them to be exposed to that. Because I think it’s quite weird for them see all the people’s reactions and especially for my younger sisters. I don’t want them to get confused, I want them to still think I’m the same person 

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narry + hugs

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"you don't wanna spend your whole life, you know, just sitting back and waiting
for things to happen around you and stuff like that. you need to find it in
yourself to just step on the plate and just- home run!" x

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